How To Create Your Very Own Everyday Makeup Look

Makeup Look

Makeup has changed from being a stigma to being an obsession. The art of applying makeup undoubtedly varies according to the look, but generally, it is rather easy, check out this site for better makeup ideas. The trick lies in using complementary shades to the skin tone in question, whether it is matching the foundation properly or using a bold eye shadow and in using the right tricks and tools to apply each layer of makeup. On browsing sites like, one can find several pointers for flawless application on this site among many other tips.

Half the effort of finding the perfect everyday look lies in finding the right tones to complement that specific skin tone. Experimentation is undeniably the best way to go about finding the right choices. One must take into account what skin type the person has as well. The basic steps are the same as for any makeup look. Start with a thin layer of foundation on cleaned and dried skin, followed by powder to set it in. If the person has dry skin, applying a small amount of moisturizer will prevent caking. For oily skin, using a matte foundation can help absorb some of the oil.

The use and effect of primer are widely debated and left open to choice. Cover problem areas like under the eyes and redness around the nostrils with tinted concealer and blend well, setting it again with powder. At this point, you may choose to apply another thin layer of foundation depending on what sort of coverage is required. Be careful not to disturb the undercoating and as usual, set with powder. For the cheeks, choose a colour close to a natural blush on that particular skin tone on the apple of the cheeks. Dust a darker skin toned powder under the cheekbones and around the temples to slightly contour the face. A highlighter can also be blended into the top of the cheeks if required.

If the eyebrow region is sparse, add small strokes of eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps and brush it out. For the actual eye lids, three shades of eyeshadow in complementary colours are preferable. Use the darkest one on the outer corners of the eyes, blending inwards, pat the medium tone over the middle of the eyelid and smooth out. The lightest tone can be used to highlight the inner corner and under the arch of the eyebrow. Depending on the colours used the overall effect changes. Finish the look off with eyeliner and mascara.

Finally, outline the lips with a lip pencil and fill with lipstick. For a simpler look, a tinted lip balm or lip gloss can also be used. The general rule of thumb is that if the eye makeup is heavy, the lip makeup should not be overwhelming and vice versa.

Use setting spray to stop the makeup from smudging too much or sweating off too quickly, especially on hot days. Use these simple instructs to build up different looks for different occasions and different times of the day till each look is perfected.